lundi 6 février 2017

Ecriture et photographie #2

Bonsoir !

Voici un texte que j'ai écrit il y a quelques temps. Je le partage ici accompagné de certaines de mes photographies !

I am the one who talks out loud
I am the one whose words have wings
I am the one who finds out truth
I am the one who makes up lives
I am the darkness in which you can see the stars

I am the one who talks in riddles
I am the one who brings up light
I am the laughs in the east wind
I am the tears in the west rain
I am the smile in the north snow
I am the pout in the south sun

I am the other reflection in the mirror
I am the shadow in the corner of your eye
I am the creaking door in your back
I am the dearful hand on your shoulder
I am the night walking tip-toe

I am everything you can imagine
I am anything you can't
I am anywhere you shall go
I am everywhere you shan't
I am the path calling your feet

I am the voice in your dreams
I am the wind in your hair
I am the salty taste on your lips
I am your dearest ghost
Who shall haunt you forever

For I am the one who have a thousand lives
I am the one who died a hundred times
I am the difference between what was and what will be
I am the one who touches the stars
I am the one who writes at night
I am the one who never do what she is supposed to.

I am the one who walked away
To be closer
I am the one who turned her head 'round
To face you better
I am the sigh of a recovering heart

I am the wild roaring of the sea
I am the soft whisper of the wind
I am the quiet purr of the fire
I am the deep echo of the earth
I am everything that'll make you sound

I am the pen on the paper
I am the writer of your story
I am the one whose skin is words
I am the one whose blood is ink
I am the only mystery worth solving

A bientôt !

6 commentaires:

  1. C'est magnifique ...!! Pour moi c'est une chanson !! Je te souhaite de trouver quelqu'un qui en compose la mélodie ...! ^^ A moins que tu n'essaies ...? ;-) Bravo !!

    1. Merci maman !! Il faut que je trouve un musicien et qu'on monte un groupe ! ;) ^^

  2. Superb!! Both the poem itself and the standard of English. The poem is beautifully expressive with lovely choice of metaphors and there is very little to correct. Well done. xxx. p.s. I am reading Six of Crows, it is brilliant x

    1. Thank you so much Tanya!! I'm so glad you like it :) I wasn't very sure about the use of "whose", I hope that was okay. You're reading Six of Crows, that's so great!
      Hope you're all doing fine xx

  3. Magnifique Zoé !!! Bravo! Le Plein de sensations fortes et fines ! Bisous Thali

    1. Merci beaucoup Thali !! Ça me fait vraiment plaisir que tu aies aimé !