dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Insight of a bookcase

Hello !

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Today, I will tell you about one of the most inportant furniture item in my bedroom : my bookcase.
Well, more particularly, I will show you one of my most recent writing, because I once went to a writing workshop and one of the instruction was to : "Describe a space under the form of a list, by listing the objects that make up this place." And here is what went out of my quill of my pen...

"At first sight, it was a mess that would have discouraged the most organised maniac. A proud edition of the Knights of the Round Table snobbishly overlooked Mansfield Park, which was putting the adventures of Arsène Lupin in the shade. Near them, a squirrel made God knows how by God knows who in radio pieces was used as a prop by Arthur C. Clarke, who was courting The Book of Pearl, while this later dangerously tilted towards Harper Lee, all of that because of Oliver Twist, who moved away to flirt with Antigone.
A bit higher, a mexican doll was resting on The Hobbit, while its neighbour, in the person of a slice of pink quartz, was reflected on some Turkish tales and legends. Near a rose made from fabric which was blooming in the shade of Tony Hillerman, an effigy of John Lennon was calmly looking at his specs friend, son of J.K.Rowling.
A dry and hardened broad bean served as a treasure for Long John Silver. While a collection of broken hourglasses took center stage near Dickens, a gyroscope was swinging next to Marie-Aude Murail. A bootee and a pin's was seen alongside Pantagruel and the Ten Little Nigers.
Some verses by T.S.Eliot, written by an uncertain hand on a boredom full day sometimes brushed the glittering front cover of the Girl with a Pearl Earring, which was resting on Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Victor Hugo. After the stars of a little prince, the tears of a murderer or a lighthouse in the sky could be seen, near an old neon orange screwdriver or an "Happy New Year" self-sticking label which was still in place only by a miracle.
Finally, P.G.Wodehouse was standing in a corner with an orphan puzzle piece surrounded by the Chronicles of Narnia and few novels by Edgar Allan Poe.

"Between the idea and the reality,
Between the motion and the act,
Falls the shadow."
T.S.Eliot in The Hollow Men.

That's it ! I hope you enjoyed this little text and that it would make you want to read this blog.

See you soon !

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