dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Welcome on this blog !

Hello !

(To see this article in French, pour voir cet article en Français, it's here, c'est là !)

And, yes, I'm starting a new blog focused on my "activity of a budding writer " ! ^^

On this blog, you could therefore read about my differents ways of organising my writing days, how I put in place my differents writings, how I take my notes and "clean up" my ideas, my firm favourites books, websites, images...

And, of course, some news of my three principals writings :

Nora :
A classical novel, that takes place nowadays, in Ireland.

A voice :
A "fantasy" novel.

Through the woods :
A crime drama script that takes place nowadays.

That's it ! I hope that this little prensentation would make you want to read this blog in the future (or now) ! ^^

See you soon !

And in the meantime :

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